August 20, 2018

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting:
Called to order: 5:00
Adjourned: 6:00

Attended: Jane Bender, Jan Conklin, Cathy Wagener, Maxine Reagh, Tony Jackson, Mimi Armstrong, Kathy Venton

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of August 20, 2018 is $5,267.33 (see attached). Tony Jackson moved approval as submitted.

Sectional: Karen Weissberg will do an email blast. Sandwiches have been ordered for both days. Kids have been lined up to run boards. Relevant to the room set up at the sectional, the main room will have seven rows of four tables across, with overflow tables set up in an adjacent room. The 299ers will be in the side room, as always.

Unit Game, Sylvia Shi Lesson and Screen: Kathy purchased a screen for approximately $70 for the presentation, which can be used for future presentations. Cathy Wagener moved to reimburse Kathy for the screen and Tony Jackson seconded.

Emergency Procedure: Emergency cards will be updated for all players. A phone will be kept at the Gallery with the number that can be reached at all times during open hours.

New Board Members: Board members should be thinking of possible nominations to the Board for the upcoming year.

District Representatives: The Board voted unanimously to instruct the Unit 509 representatives (Jackie Ortiz and Kathy Juarez) to vote at the District 21 meeting at the Santa Clara Regional for the following candidates:
– Tracy Bauer as Western Conference Representative
– Sigrid Price as Second Alternate Representative

Next Meeting: September 17, 2018.

Agenda Items for September Meeting: Holiday party.

Mimi Armstrong moved adjournment.

Respectfully submitted by:
Jan Conklin
August 22, 2018