January 22, 2018

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting;
January 22, 2018
Called to order: 4:30 Adjourned: 6:02

Attended: Jane Bender, Karen Weissberg, Jan Conklin, Mimi Armstrong, Maxine Reagh, Tony Jackson, Cathy Wagener. Also, present: Kathy Juarez and Kathy Venton

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of January 22, 2018 is $4650.96 (see attached). Moved to approve by Tony Jackson and seconded by Jan Conklin. Vote accepted

Election of Officers 2018:

    President: Jane Bender
    Vice President: Tony Jackson
    Secretary: Jan Conklin
    Treasurer: Maxine Reagh

Moved to accept by Mimi Armstrong and seconded by Karen Weissberg. Vote accepted

Appointment of Committee Chairs:

    Membership/Awards*: Cathy Wagener
    *Mini McKinney and Aces of Clubs – Free Plays given by the Bridge Gallery and
    Petaluma Bridge Club
    Holiday Party: Mimi Armstrong
    Communication/Publicity: Karen Weissberg
    Education/Mentoring: Tony Jackson
    Sectionals: Maxine Reagh and Jane Bender

March Sectional: Maxine Reagh Maxine presented lunch options for Board Members’ input. There was a discussion about alternatives. A decision will be decided later.

Appointment of District 21 Representatives: Jackie Ortiz was appointed. Jane Bender will ask both Lynn Blumenthal-Larkin and Conrad Larkin to be the second and third Representativse

Proposal: Discipline Chair be Executive Committee comprised of 4 Officers in the event it is brought to the Board. Both Kathy Venton and Karen Weissberg, as owners, may enforce Zero Tolerance disciplines for their respective clubs.

Reports: Kathy Juarez reported on the District 21 meeting, the website and mentoring program

Discussion of Finances:
Reimbursements for Chris Barrere lessons must be requested from District 21

New Business:
Committee to rewrite job descriptions and to be entered in bylaws:Karen Weissberg and Mimi Armstrong volunteered to edit the duties and job descriptions. This will be discussed at another time.
Determining dates for future meetings: It was agreed that the Board will meet on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 5 PM at the Gallery
Items for next meeting:The upcoming Sectional;
Venue for Holiday Party: Mimi Armstrong and Karen Weissberg will be looking for a new, more central location for the 2019 Holiday Party

Next Meeting: February 19, 2018

Respectfully submitted by:
Karen Weissberg
January 26, 2018