January 21, 2019

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting:
Called to order: 4:30
Adjourned: 6:05

Attended: Tony Jackson, Jan Conklin, Maxine Reagh, Cathy Wagener, Nan Halberg, Harley Conner, Donna Edwards, Kathy Venton

Election of Officers: Tony Jackson, President; Harley Conner, Vice-President; Maxine Reagh, Treasurer; Jan Conklin, Secretary

Chairpeople Assignments: Holiday Party – Donna Edwards; Membership – Cathy Wagener; Publicity – Karen Weissberg; Education and Mentoring Program – Nan Halberg; March Sectional – Maxine Reagh and Jane Bender; Fall Sectional – Maxine Reagh and Harley Conner

Meeting Schedule: After discussion, the Board decided to meet the third Monday of the Month at 5:00 pm. The June meeting will be held the second Monday, June 10th. Kathy Wagener moved acceptance and Nan Halberg seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of January 21, 2017 is $6,301.61 (see attached).

Holiday Party Recap/Report: Maxine reported that Unit 509 ended up subsidizing the holiday party by $350.00, up around $100 from the previous few years’ subsidies. We voted to have another holiday brunch at Oakmont Golf Club on Sunday, December 15, 2019. Cathy Wagener moved the motion and it was seconded by Nan Halberg.

Fall 2019 Nationals in San Francisco: The Nationals will run from 11/28 through 12/8.

2019 Budget: Maxine distributed and we discussed the First Draft of the Proposed Budget for 2019. We got clarification on the free play coupons that the Unit pays for and were able to categorize them into those that support the mentor program and those that honor Mini McKenney and Ace of Clubs award recipients. Free play coupons will expire at the end of each year in which they are awarded. Cathy Wagener moved to approve the proposed budget and it was seconded by Donna Edwards.

Learn Bridge In A Day: There were 27 participants; 2 from Reno and 2 from San Francisco. Harley suggested the Board reimburse Kathy for the purchase of the projector, which can be used by speakers, as well as classes at the Gallery. He also suggested reimbursing Kathy for the $150 annual license fee. Kathy Wagener moved the motion and Jan Conklin seconded.

Sylvia Shi Event and Unit Game Schedule: Kathy distributed copies of the proposed 2019 schedule. Board members stated they’d like to see a handout from Sylvia Shi at her presentation on February 10th. Kathy will ask her about this.

Next Meeting: February 18, 2019

Nan Halberg moved adjournment and Harley Conner seconded

Respectfully submitted by:
Jan Conklin
January 25, 2019