June 18, 2018

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting:
Called to order: 5:30
Adjourned: 6:00

Attended: Jane Bender, Karen Weissberg, Jan Conklin, Cathy Wagener, Maxine Reagh, Tony Jackson, Kathy Venton

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of June 18, 2018 is $6,055.29 (see attached). Cathy Wagener moved approval and Karin Weissberg seconded.

Board Recruitment: The terms for Jane Bender, Mimi Armstrong and Karen Weissberg will be up at the end of the year so members need to be thinking of replacements. The following four items will need to have a board member in charge: education/mentoring, holiday party, sectional and membership.

509 Rep for District 21 Meetings: Kathy Juarez will attend the Santa Clara District 21 meeting.

Next Meeting: August 20, 2018. There will be no meeting in July

Agenda Items for August Meeting: Report on mentoring program, Santa Rosa Sectional 9/29-30, 2018 and District 21 agenda.

Cathy Wagener moved adjournment and Karen Weissberg seconded.

Respectfully submitted by:
Jan Conklin
June 19, 2018