Learn Bridge in a Day?®

Want to keep your brain sharp? Playing bridge is like mental exercise. With each hand of this card game, you’re strengthening your memory and strategy power. Bridge is the ultimate mindsport.

Looking to meet new people? The bridge-playing community is large and wide-spread. You’ll find a bridge club in almost every city. Santa Rosa and Petaluma both have thriving clubs here in Sonoma County.  Also, because bridge is a partnership game, you develop personal connections right away.

Seeking a new hobby? Whether you are looking for competition or something more relaxed, bridge is a great option for you. Learn the ultimate card game and discover your new passion.

LEARN BRIDGE IN A DAY?® is a five-hour concentrated course geared towards true beginners, those returning to bridge after long absences, and those wanting to “test the waters.” The course includes both class instruction and coached play.

Come with a friend–or make new ones! See why bridge is the world’s most popular card game.This course is being offered by Kathy Juarez at the Santa Rosa Bridge Gallery on Saturday, September 7, 2019.


Need more information? Email Kathy Juarez at lbiad@sonic.net or call Kathy Venton at (707) 591-5015.