Larry Hansen’s Bridge Library

For those who did not have the fortune to know Larry Hansen, many players in Unit 509 believed he was extraordinary. A man of great integrity, Larry brought out the best behavior in the people in the room with him. Larry had been a PhD student in mathematics and used that talent in the study of bridge bidding systems. He documented the best bidding approaches to share with his partners and friends. As one example, his approach to inverted minors is simple and lets partners find whether they should be in a part score, a game, or a slam in 2 to 4 responses. Another useful bid is Serious 3NT, which signals slam interest with a major fit.

Larry passed away in 2015, but before he did, he saved his documentation on Dropbox and asked us to store the link for the use of all the players in the unit. This library is intended for experienced players who want to fine tune their bidding system with their favorite partners. If that’s you, visit Larry’s Bridge Write-ups, and see what you can find.