November 19, 2018

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting:
Called to order: 5:05
Adjourned: 6:05

Attended: Jane Bender, Jan Conklin, Maxine Reagh, Cathy Wagener (Tony Jackson and Karen Weissberg via speaker phone) Kathy Venton

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of November 19, 2018 is $7,125.07 (see attached). Cathy moved approval as submitted and Jan seconded.

Agenda for Annual Meeting: Jane will lead the annual meeting to include:

  1. Members who have died this year will be acknowledged.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Unit 509 highlights and accomplishments for the year.
  4. Charitable year-end contributions
  5. Congratulations to Erwin Linzer for making it to the finals on the Grand National Tournament
  6. Election of officers

Sylvia Shi Event and Unit Game Schedule: Kathy distributed copies of the proposed schedule. The Board agreed to the schedule and asked that the December holiday party add TBD. Kathy will make copies available at the annual meeting.

Request For $$ For Learn Bridge In A Day Advertising: Kathy Juarez distributed a handout for the January 19th Bridge in a Day. Advertising includes ads in the Press Democrat and Argus Courier, posters for the windows at the Gallery and the handout to be available at the annual meeting. The cost is $600 and ACBL will pay half.

Maxine moved the Board approve $300 for advertising. Tony seconded.

Decision on Donations: Since the sectionals were so successful this year, Kathy suggested $500. After discussion by the Board, the following charities were selected: Sonoma County Library $100; Ceres $100; Petaluma Seniors, PEP $100; North Valley Community Foundation $200. Tony moved approval and Maxine seconded.

Membership Questionnaire on Sectionals: Cecelia suggested having a questionnaire. After discussion by the Board, it was decided this issue will be presented to the new Board for consideration.

Respectfully submitted by:
Jan Conklin