Sonoma Strong

The Unit 509 Santa Rosa/Petaluma community was hit hard by wildfires in early October, 2017. Eighteen of our bridge players lost their homes. We also lost one of the most important landmarks in Santa Rosa, the Round Barn. It was built in 1899 as part of a Utopian colony managed by Kanaye Nagasawa, one of the first Japanese immigrants ever to enter the United States. We in Sonoma County are working hard at rebuilding, strengthened by pulling together at a time of need. In commemoration of the past and in helping survivors build a new future, one of Santa Rosa’s artists, Hillary Rose Miller, painted Snoopy at the Round Barn. Snoopy is the beloved character of Charles Schultz whose house burnt down in the fire. The print is a delight and a bargain at $20. All proceeds go to the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund to support fire survivors.

You might ask why you are learning about this print on the Unit 509 website. If you look at the picture with the artist, you can see Hilary’s mom in the background in the brightly colored jacket. It’s the Bridge Gallery’s own Randee Dimond, one of the best Supervised Play directors ever. If you would like to know more or to order a print, see:

by Cecelia Zachar

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