November 13, 2017

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting
November 13, 2017
Called to order: 5:03 pm
Adjourned: 6 pm

Attended:Jane Bender, Maxine Reagh, Barbara Norman, Kathy Juarez and Karen Weissberg. Also attended: Kathy Venton, Tony Jackson and Cathy Wagener

Treasurer’s Report: After the yearly re-imbursement of $1046.55 from ACBL and the Holiday Party receipts less disbursements for 2018 Sectional deposits and Cris Barrere (2017) lecture we have a balance of $4,684.27 in checking account. Our savings account is $1,569.55 for a total of $6,433.82

Spring/March Sectional: It is important to have flyers regarding the Spring Sectional to bring to Monterey for disbursement. A key factor in the flyer would be the food. It was decided that we would write a general statement stating, “lunches will be available for purchase” and the menu will we decided at another meeting.

Website and Other Communication: Nancy Stetson is moving out of state leaving a vacancy as the Forum editor. Cecelia Zachar has volunteered for that position. Jane Bender will purchase a gift and card as a thank you to Nancy. Motion moved by Maxine Reagh and seconded by Karen Weissberg. Voted yes. Kathy Juarez is taking a six- week on-line course to design a web site. Kathy welcomes feedback of ideas for the site. She requested approval to use Word Press and Hostgator. $5.95/month and $214/36 months, respectfully. A move to accepted made by Karen and seconded by Barbara Norman. Voted yes.

Unit Games 2018: Kathy Venton presented proposed dates for the 2018 Unit Games. Motioned by Barbara Norman and seconded by Karen Weissberg. Voted yes.

ACBL Marketing Solutions: Proposal #3 is tabled until January when the new Board has begun.

Proposed Agenda Annual Meeting: Suggested agenda for the annual Board meeting at the Holiday Party to include an update of what was accomplished during this Board’s tenure. The agenda will also include the mentoring program, those that past on this year and PBC news.

District Representatives: We need two Representatives for the District. Jackie Ortiz will stay on and Kathy Juarez is a temporary Rep until one is appointed in January.

Next Meeting: The Holiday Party on December 10, 2017 and Monday January 15, 2018

Respectfully submitted by:
Karen Weissberg
November 16, 2017