September 17, 2018

Minutes for Unit 509 Board Meeting:
Called to order: 5:00
Adjourned: 5:50

Attended: Jane Bender, Jan Conklin, Maxine Reagh, Mimi Armstrong, Karen Weissberg, Kathy Venton

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of September 15, 2018 is $5,166.66 (see attached). Karen Weissberg moved approval as submitted and Jan Conklin seconded.

Sectional: Sandwiches have been ordered for both days from Ullia’s and Panera. Relevant to the room set up at the sectional, the main room will have seven rows of four tables across, with three overflow tables set up in room adjacent to where food is. It was suggested to look at Sonoma State and Santa Rosa Junior College as possible locations for future sectionals. The Board will ask the person making the suggestion to look into this.

Emergency Procedure: Emergency cards will be updated for all players. A phone will be kept at the Gallery with the number that can be reached at all times during open hours. The acting Director will answer calls to 573-1200.

Holiday Party: Mimi distributed copies of the Holiday Brunch flyer. Participants must have their checks in by November 19th. The Board proposed minor changes to the flyer to state brunch versus breakfast and to leave the time off the STAC Week game. The Board complimented Mimi on the flyer. Mimi will find out when the food must be served.

New Board Members: Nan Halberg and Harley Conner have agreed to run for the Board.

Goodwill Ambassador: This is a person who has done a lot to support the community and the Bridge unit. The Board discussed possible nominations. A person was selected by the Board. Maxine moved accepting the nomination and Mimi seconded. Kathy Venton will work on the write up which is due November 1st.

Next Meeting: October 15, 2018.

Agenda Items for October Meeting: Sectional report.

Karen Weissberg moved adjournment and Maxine Reagh seconded.

Respectfully submitted by:
Jan Conklin
September 21, 2018